Code of Conduct

We expect all individuals, staff, volunteers and students at our clinic, during home, or hospital visits to feels safe and free from bullying or anti-discrimination, and anti-racist behaviours. Disrespectful and unsafe behaviours will not be tolerated. This includes but not limited to:

  • swearing, cursing, yelling with other individuals, staff, volunteers, and/or students
  • excessive arguing with other individuals, staff, volunteers, and/or students
  • intimidation, issuing threats, ultimatums,
  • derogatory, racist, homophobic remarks
  • physically/sexually abuse
  • unsafe/dangerous behaviours
  • taking phone call or texting during appointments

Individual(s) who do not comply will not be seen by our staff and will be asked to leave the clinic immediately. Should these behaviours occur during in the hospital or home setting, the staff providing care may leave and you will no longer receive care in those settings.

For questions regarding our course code of conduct feel free to email us.