We are
BREATHE Midwives
Black Reproductive Empowerment and Transparent Health Midwives

We are A non-profit organization

Focusing on Black Sexual, Reproductive, Birthing, & Infant Health

We have a goal

our mission

To support the empowerment of Black birthing individuals, infants and their families when it comes to their health, by providing them with services and resources to navigate the system with hopes to improve their birthing outcome. 

We see a bright future

our vision

To use a social justice framework lens to improve Black birthing individuals and their infants health outcomes by breaking down the systemic barrier that continuously reinforces anti-black racism and reproductive biopowers.

Reclaim your breath… and breathe!

Inspiring Change

Black individuals have expressed that they have no autonomy and do not feel empowered or heard when it comes to their health. As a society and healthcare system we have failed to understand and acknowledge the mechanisms that cause the barriers in the first place. We continue to fail to address the issues that perpetuate discrimination, racism, biases and health disparities.

There was a desire and need to create something that focused on African, Black and Caribbean reproductive health. Black Reproductive Empowerment and Transparent Health Equity (BREATHE) Midwives was created to address these concerns by supporting the African, Black and Caribbean community who are impacted negatively from the social determinate of health. BREATHE Midwives will focus on the spectrum of health sexual, reproductive, and obstetrical issues that usually are dismissed, ignored and/or minimized in the Black population leading to poor birthing and infant outcomes.

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